04/05/2021 16:14

Sustainability: Intesa Sanpaolo finances the sustainable growth projects of LU-VE Group with 55 million euro

Intesa Sanpaolo is financing sustainable growth at the heart of the LU-VE Group development project with loans for a total of 55 million euro.

  • An S-Loan of 30 million euro to support LU-VE Group in achieving ESG objectives in addition to a 25 million financing operation in the Circular Economy area
  • Projects with a social and environmental impact are at the center of the investments

– Intesa Sanpaolo is financing sustainable growth at the heart of the LU-VE Group development project with loans for a total of 55 million euro. An S-Loan loan of 30 million euro is aimed at supporting the company's working capital and development plans focused on new ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) programs that are already strategic for the company.

To this is added a loan of 25 million euro that LU-VE obtained from the 6 billion ceiling allocated by Intesa Sanpaolo Group for the development of the Circular Economy, with the aim of supporting the best companies in the area in pursuing responsible growth plans and promoting their planning capacity despite the difficult period caused by the ongoing pandemic.

In particular, the S-Loan operation aims to support activities with a strong environmental and social impact that result in the purchase of electricity from renewable sources and in the support of associations operating in the non-profit sector and in personal and professional support to disadvantaged categories.

Matteo Liberali, CEO of LU-VE Group: “LU-VE has always been very sensitive to sustainability and respect for the environment — these are issues that are part of our corporate DNA. It is precisely in this direction that our future projects are oriented. The goal is to continue the path of innovation and growth by interpreting the new requirements of respect for the environment. We are happy that Intesa Sanpaolo has recognized our commitment to increasingly sustainable objectives, which have been and continue to be fundamental because they have enabled the Group's economic growth ". 

Tito Nocentini, Intesa Sanpaolo Regional Director for Northern Lombardy: "This significant funding granted to an example of excellence such as LU-VE, testifies to the importance of creating virtuous relationships between partners who share common values and the commitment to grow, promoting these values. The sustainable transition also passes through the growth and development of SMEs that show that they understand and govern their social, environmental and governance impact, which the bank in turn supports and participates in. In particular, the Intesa Sanpaolo S-Loan linked to sustainability objectives, as in this case, has recently been strengthened with an additional solidarity and high social impact purpose: the bank will in fact allocate a donation for each loan granted, which thus becomes a further opportunity to increase its social impact in a system of reciprocity with the company”.