Share Capital*

The share capital of LU-VE is equal to Euro 62,704,488.80, divided into 22,234,368 ordinary shares, without indication of par value.

Currently, the right to the increase in vested in a total of 3,278,671 shares (at a ratio of two voting rights for each share) out of a total of 22,234,368 shares. Therefore, the total voting rights exercisable at the LU-VE Shareholders' Meeting are 25,513,039.

In accordance with paragraph 8 of article 127-quinquies of the Consolidated Finance Act (TUF) and article 6-bis, paragraph 11, of the By-Laws, the increase in the voting right is counted for the purposes of determining the quorums for the constitution and resolutions of the Shareholders’ Meeting.


Shareholders holding shareholdings exceeding 5% of the share capital of LU-VE S.p.A. are the following:

Shareholder Number of ordinary shares held % of the total share capital % of the total of voting rights
Finami S.p.A. 10.187.999 45,8210% 50,9191%
G4 S.r.l. 3.558.272 16,0035% 14,2693%

On the basis of the information available to LU-VE S.p.A., there are no other shareholders, other than those listed above, holding shareholdings exceeding 5%.

* data updated to April 5, 2024