19/05/2023 15:07

LU-VE Group still leader in the sustainability sector

The company has been included for the second consecutive year in the “Sustainability Leader 2023” ranking by Statista.

Uboldo (Varese), 18 May 2023 – LU-VE Group confirms its position as Leader in Sustainability. For the third consecutive year, the Varese-based multinational, listed on the Euronext Star Milan segment and one of the world’s largest operators in the air heat exchanger sector, ranks among the top 200 Italian companies in the ESG sector. The award certifies LU-VE Group’s constant commitment to projects and initiatives aimed at promoting increasingly sustainable and green development.

Conducted by Statista, the research took into consideration over 1,500 reports from companies operating in Italy, focusing on the three macro-areas of sustainability – environmental, social and governance – selecting the companies that have best managed to integrate conscious environmental, social and economic choices into their business practices.

In the last two years, LU-VE Group has already received other awards in terms of sustainability: “More climate-conscious companies 2022” and “Green Star Sustainability” in 2021 and 2022.

Climate change is generating and will generate, globally, increasingly strong negative effects on the economy, the environment and the lives of each of us. LU-VE Group has responded by promoting technologically advanced solutions with reduced environmental impact. For some time we have been producing products that are increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly in terms of energy consumption, optimized performance and the use of natural refrigerant.” commented Matteo Liberali, CEO of LU-VE Group. “However, I like to remember that LU-VE Group was born sustainable. Since its foundation, LU-VE Group has shown attention to ESG issues that are now in the limelight. We have already built the foundations to respond to these needs. We know it’s critical to find new ways to promote sustainability globally. It is our challenge as a market leader. We are proud of our path towards an evolved, better, balanced and aware world“.