07/10/2020 06:42

LU-VE: a great company to work for

The ITQF (German Institute for Quality and Finance) has drawn up a report listing the best 300 companies in Italy to work for (excelling in welfare and careers).

For the second year in arrow, LU-VE is amongst them: in the Mechanical Engineering Industry category.

This non-sponsored survey examined 2000 companies with the aim of analyzing their financial and quality characteristics. The research project used the innovative “social listening” methodology, involving algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI): comments concerning company culture and careers were identified across the entire web in Italian (social media, blogs, forums, portals, news, videos).

Amongst the companies selected were Adidas, Amazon, Armani, Deloitte, Coca Cola Italia, Google, FCA, Ferrari, Ikea, Lamborghini, Mapei, Mercedes Benz, Nestlè Italia, Open Fiber, Otis Servizi, Pirelli, Recordati, Samsung, Tetrapak and Vodafone.